MBA: MBA: "Caio Caldas is a masterful graphic designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Mr. Caldas was not only gracious enough to sit down for an interview with MBA, but he even wrote the intro!  this is sweet.  Now I have even more time to sit and stare at that awesome Raven Lord cover art."

Caio Caldas: First at all… what I do it’s for a passion.  I’m really happy to have so many bands, friends, clients around the world, that respect and love my job, my art at all. It’s not for money… I have this opportunity to work near to great bands doing what I love…that’s listen to Metal bands, and making albums covers for them. This responsibility to have your work as an album cover requires a lot of trust in you. It’s really appreciated see a lot of independent bands with honest and professional work. Thank you for support my art and make it my life.

MBA: How did you get your first paying art job?

From early childhood I was introduced to music by my parents, especially the rock and after a while listening to a bit of everything, I focused more on Metal / Heavy. Every day I was introduced to a new band, which made me want to get into the music business somehow. I started with the interest of being a musician, getting to play some instruments, such as Keyboard, Electric Guitar and Bass for a long time. Naturally, this has made me closer to musicians and some first underground bands.

Since I started to get interested on Rock / Metal Bands, what hit me to discovering new bands were the albums COVERS and beauty of their arts. I always liked to keep the relationship between the artwork and your musical content. So, I decided to join this area business of ART in music industry, ROCK, not simply as a musician, but now, as a graphic artist.

In October 2009 came the idea to join my two passions:Music and Art. So I created my first and current Graphic Design brand called “CadiesArt – Digital ArtWork”.
I started it designing some first covers artworks to put For Sale somewhere, so I discovered that would be cool have a MySpace Profile with ArtWorks for Bands instead Music. That works for me so fast. My first ArtWork was selling for a Norwegian Band called Dominanz for their firstAlbum “As I Shine”

After some time and dedication, the brand began to be recognized internationally for new undergrounds bands. So my first arts began to be sold outside Brazil.
CadiesArt are about 3 years working with Bands, Musicians, Stamps, Labels and Companies around the world in music industry.  I’ve worked with bands about 23 countries, including: UK, Germany, USA, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Austria, Australia, Canada, Norway, Ukraine, England, Brazil, Portugal, and more…

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MBA: Have you always worked in your current style, or was there and evolution?

I love a great album cover with many details and a great concept behind it, in particularly digital art for me washow you can expressing your world and their fantasy. I think I have my own style of art, but if you really like what you do, you ever want to know more, so every day I’m studying new techniques and new references of Digital Art. When I look to my firsts ArtWorks on my gallery and my current ones, I really see some evolution on my techniques, concepts and I have more references now.

MBA: Who are your artistic influences?

Only after some time having that relationship with the covers of the rock albums I bought, I started to find out what are the artists behind them. From there I started to find some artists references to me and my brand.
One of the main artists who I always loved since childhood when I began to listen heavy metal and that influenced me a lot to get into the art business for bands, was the great Artist Derek Riggs, creator of one of the most famous, if not the greatest, mascots of Heavy Metal: Eddie / Iron Maiden. This guy has illustrated for me the best and most awesome album covers I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to describe their covers by the amount of details found in their covers or even hidden, especially the ones designed for Iron Maiden at the time. My Symbol, CadiesArt Signature  was totally inspired by him, who also had a mysterious symbol as a signature on their covers. But the creation of my symbol was something more conceptual and inspirited by Leonardo DaVinci too, but the idea came from Riggs and his “secrets” in his illustrations.

He is an artist who inspires me by his career and history, but would not say it is an artist who directly inspired my digital arts. I’m an artist that everyday looking for a new digital reference, a new job, meet new artists in my area. I can list some names for now have a varied list of references like Gustavo Sazes that was one of my first digital art references here in Brazil. More like Felipe Machado at Final Frontier, Hughsyme, Thomas Ewerhad, Dark Grove Studio, Hicham Haddaji at Strychneen Studio, Marcelo Vasco, Carlos Fides at ArtSide, Seth SiroAnton… But I think my digital art is not directly inspired by these artists.

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MBA: Take us through your creative process, from conception to completion.

My area is Digital Art. All my artwork is 100% digital, with photomontage techniques, digital resources, with Photoshop, mostly. I don’t use techniques of illustration and hand drawing.
In the case of photo montage, it consists about fusion of several images, photos and graphics, that, when together, create a single scene and it can be a realistic scene, a fantasy scene, a surrealist or abstract art.

Most of my time involved in creating an artwork is dedicated to image search, as a digital artist, from free stocks or paid and my own image stock that have about 11.330 images, always with high resolution and respecting their rightful copyright. In the process of idealization of an artwork I ever try to have artistic references, before starting to produce it. Once this step, I start an image search seen what fits together, then the application of digital techniques. I always try to learn new techniques that can be used in future work. Design is a process that involves research, dedication, techniques, time and above all, creativity.

MBA: How often do you use reference materials?

Today as a designer and graphic artist for over 6 years, I learned that any kind of work have a study behind it, a search, even if unintentional. For example, today anything that creates always has a reference behind it, day by day,movies, internet… All this makes you stay in touch with Art 24 hours by day, anywhere you are. So when I start to create an art, all that goes through my head, new ideas,images, concepts and stories.

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MBA: When working on album cover art, do you take a lot of direction from the band?

Sometimes yeah, some bands would like to have your own concept idea for the album cover artwork, as the recently cover artwork I designed for Raven Lord “Descent To The Underworld” to be released next month.So they send me a brain storm, all the concept and story of the album, all the lyrics so I work up to it. Also as I have many Premades ArtWorks for sale, more than 100 covers today, some bands prefer buy a premade artwork and ask me some changes on it to fit to the album concept. That’s helps a lot the band to find what they are looking for to represent their album and music.

MBA: You also design CD Packaging from Inlay to the CD Label.   I love opening a CD case for the first time and seeing a awesome unique design on the CD itself.  itseems like that is a detail often overlooked.  Is there any added challenge to CD label design?

For a band, mostly the undergrounds bands, today is so difficult make money with an album record, everyone knows that. So, why not make this something more than only an album to listen? I love when I bought an album and I open it so I have more to see and appreciate, as the booklet artwork, inlay artwork, CD label… all that continues what I started showing on the cover artwork, that’s awesome for me. When I look to an album cover I want to open it and see more and more representing the album. I ever try to keep the same line and concept on all the CD Packaging artwork, when you bought an album that I designed you know that the same artist that created the cover is the same that designed all the album artwork. I think this make peoples want to buy and have a physical album, and not only buy the songs on itunes or something, you know?
I know that mostly of the bands that I work are independent and can’t spend a lot with the album designs as some mainstream or undergrounds bands. But I also tried to give a cool budget for the band get this complete and awesome work on their releases.

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MBA: Do you get inspiration from a bands music when working on a project?

This is one thing that can’t be missing when I’m creating an artwork. I ever ask the band some link to listen to the band or demos for the album I’m work on… I need to listen some music when I’m creating. I think it’s important knows if this cover artwork are you creating have some connection with the band style, genre… Also when I’m designing my own artworks to put for sale I ever listen to some metal bands during the process of creation. This is what’s is cool to be a Headbanger and a Graphic Artist for bands,  you can create art and listen to metal at the same time!

MBA: Take us though a typical day.

CadiesArt it’s my job and my life as a Graphic Designer Freelancer. So most of my time in home is dedicated to my brand. But I’m my boss, so working can be cool when you can listen to LPs, Heavy Metal all the time, eat and drink beer working, going to sleep at 5am and wake up ate 15Pm. Get a break to play something… The first thing that I do every day is turn on my computer and open Photoshop, I don’t know if I’ll use, but certainly I’ll during the day, If I don’t get a job to do I’ll create something for me, or a new artwork… At night and weekends it’s time to go to a Pub or a Rock Bar with my girlfriend to listen to some live bands.  Also at least 2 or 3 big concerts by month. I love concerts and live music. I’m a college majoring in Italian Graphic Design, IED -Istituto Europeo di Design ArtVisive. So too much study every day too.

MBA: Tell us about your Studio.

I’m one more Maiden Maniac Fan, really crazy for this band (heheh). My main hobby is collecting items for Iron Maiden, as Vinyl Records, Action Figures, T-shirts,anything I find that is interesting, especially for my good friend EDDIE! I think KISS and Maiden are the worst bands for you to become a fan (heheh), because you’ll die and go broke buying things and not even come close to knowing all their products available. I’m saying that because my “Studio” is a room on my house (for the time being), so I’m replete of frames, albums covers, books, posters, all around me, also some of my own artworks and CadiesArt plates and Symbols everywhere. As I said I just need a great space to work on my projects, a great room, with free space to have some computers and screens… I don’t know if I can work anywhere like I work on my “studio” room.

MBA: What are you currently working on?

I currently finished some projects on December that will be released in a feel weeks, like Raven Lord (UK) -“Descent To The Underworld”, Until Dawn (CA) -“Horizon”. I have some albums to be released this year soon like Burn Thy Enemy (UK) – “Scapegoat”, Eating October (USA), Edge of Attack (CA), Endless Obsession (USA) – “Illusionist”, Mindfuel (Sweden) – “Time For a Change”, and I’m finishing some projects for Bloody Hammers (USA) – (Album to be announced), Dimenssion(Spain) – “Newborn Revolution”, Frontback (Sweden) – “Born With A Secret”, Krig (Brazil) – “Decay’s Beholder”,  Opposing Motion (UK) – “Laws of Motion”, RukmaVimana (AU), Staradyse (Brazil) – “The Pathway of Sirius – Parte I”, Todengel (Brazil) – “Phoenix”.

MBA: Who are your favorite bands of all time?  What are you currently listening to?

My favorite bands are Iron Maiden, also Kiss, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Iced Earth, Slipknot, Tenacious D, WASP, Queensryche, Blind Guardian, Doro, . I’m currently listen to everything Hard, Prog, Heavy, Thrash, Classic, Power… and discovering new bands too. A genre that I don’t like is death metal, but I also work with some death metal bands… (haha)

MBA: Do you have a dream Project?

I love Vinyls. And this is currently been released by many bands yet, also with better quality too. So I would love to have a project design for a Vinyl 12” cover and Package Design, would be awesome. Also I would like to work near to some mainstream bands, but I know it’s a little difficult when the band already have an own artist that design all covers with the same line and style… But Derek Riggs didn’t designed all Maiden covers…so who’ knows…

MBA: Are there any artists you would like to see featured on Metal Band Art?

I would like to know more about Felipe Machado at Final Frontier, how he started to work with many mainstream bands like Blind Guardian, Blaze Bayley, Iced Earth, Jorn, Rage, Rhapsody, GammaRay. Also Marcelo Vasco, and I really like the artworks by Seth Siro Anton.

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