CadiesArt - Digital ArtWork is an international graphic design studio specialized in Artworks and Designs for Bands, Musicians, Stamps, Labels and Companies around the world in music industry.

First at all... what I do it's for a passion. I'm really happy to have so many bands, friends, clients around the world, that respect and love my job, my art at all. I had this opportunity to work near to great bands doing what I love... that's listen to Metal bands, and making albums covers for them. It's really apreciated see a lot of independent bands with honest and professional work.

The Artist and Designer

Caio Caldas, freelancer graphic designer, from Sao Paulo - Brazil. Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director and Owner of CadiesArt - Digital ArtWork starting in October 2009.

Caio Caldas has extensive knowledge of the music industry, with experience as a musician, listener and as a graphic artist and designer. Even though specialized in illustrations for album covers, knows exactly what the bands needs and offers an extensive list of graphics and digital services that are necessary in the music business and releases. Propose also prices that works for small independent customers budgets.

CadiesArt emerged due to the interest of the graphic designer, Caio Caldas, for music and rock, since his childhood, where every day was submitted for a new band, awakening his interest in working in the music business someway. Starting the interest in music, chosing to become a musician, getting to play some instruments such as keyboard, guitar and bass, for a long time. Naturally made to approach to other independent and undergrounds musicians and bands. Since starting to have an interest in music genres around Rock and Metal, what caught attention to discover new bands were the album covers and the beauty of their arts, while keeping the relation between the album art and the music. Then got interest in working in the business of Design and Graphic Arts for Music Industry, making graphic arts for bands, musicians, record labels, national and international, with focus in Rock and Metal genres.

Brazilian, but speak English and Spanish too. Don't speak german, dutch, japanese, or any other language, so please when you send me an email, you can use Spanish, English or Portuguese.

The Brand

CadiesArt are about 6 years working with Bands, Musicians, Stamps, Labels and Companies around the world in music industry.

Always evolving in graphics softwares on their own since 2007, decided to go to a new professional level, in late 2009, marking the beginning of own brand and design studio called "CadiesArt", with a focus on design for the music industry.

The studio design emerged from identified opportunity to act as an intermediary in the Music Industry in process services in idealization of graphic designs for small bands and independent labels. Want to contribute to the approach of the listener with the graphic design of the record, contributing to the Music Industry and the sale of albums in their physical format, wich is on CD or Vinyl (LP). CadiesArt wants to restore the importance of the relationship between music and art in download times and piracy in the music business. Music is not only for the ears!

As CadiesArt is a design brand that provides online graphic designs for worldwide, maintains contact with the customers only by e-mail, social networking and online chats.

The brand have already worked for about 40 countries, including the UK, Germany, USA, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Austria, Australia, Canada, Norway, Ukraine, England, Brazil, Portugal, Japan France, Greece, Lithuania, Slovakia, Mexico, Croatia, Russia, Finland and more. It has good recommendations from worldwide.


CadiesArt has a unique particular studio, not commercial, where all graphic and digital productions are performed. Don't have professional internal printers, only partcular small printers for quick prints for proof.

CadiesArt Team

The CadiesArt team consists of a single professional graphic designer, which has solid experience in the music business and design. Already having past experience as a musician and 6 years working as a freelance designer only for music industry. With great training and above all, motivation to face and overcome the challenges of managing a brand, generating positive results and expanding to worldwide, CadiesArt through the art helps to overcome the difficulties of maintaining in the national and international music industry.

The Symbol

The Vitruvian Man and CadiesArt Signature.

Inspired by the work of the Roman architect Vitruvius Pollio, De Architecture, which explains the relationship between symmetry and perfection, Leonardo Da Vinci produced his most famous design, which became the world's most famous design, too: "Vitruvian Man".

Da Vinci's drawing is used as a reference aesthetics of symmetry and proportion in the world.

Inspired by the work of these two great artists, CadiesArt's Symbol represents the Symmetry, Proportion and Perfection.

The slogan "The Man Behind The ArtWork" is the connection of the symbol and man proportions.

On the link below you can see the whole design progress of the symbol:


The Digital Artwork of CadiesArt

My area is Digital Art. All my artwork is 100% digital, with photomanipulation techniques, digital resources, with Photoshop, mostly. I don't use techniques of illustration and hand drawing on paper.

When we talk about digital artwork, image editing or photo manipulation, Adobe Photoshop is the first thing that comes to our minds. "Photomontage" or "Photo Manipulation" can be one of the most fun things to do in Adobe Photoshop. With the right tools and techniques you can get unique and exquisite photo effects.

In the case of photo manipulation, it consists of fusing several images, photos and graphics - but it's not only put many pictures togheter, this is only one of the many steps - that, when all together, create a single scene that can result in a realistic scene, a fantasy scene, a surrealist or abstract art.

Everyday I look for a new digital references, a new job, meet new artists.

Most of my time as a digital artist is dedicated to image search, from free or paid stocks and my own image stock that has about 14.913 images, always with high resolution and always respecting their rightful copyrights for use. In the process of idealization of an artwork I always try to have artistic references, before starting to produce it. After this step I start an image search, seeing what fits together and then apply digital techniques. I always try to learn new techniques that can be used in my future work. Design is a process that involves research, dedication, technique, time and above all, creativity.

Graphic Services

- Art Direction:
Creative mind for all your graphic needs

- More Than 150 Artworks Availables For Sale

- Custom Cover Artwork

- Book Cover Artwork

- CD / Vinyl / DVD Packaging design

- Booklet design

- BoxSet design

- Image/Photo Retouch

- WebSite and WebChannels Layout Design:
CadiesArt outsources services including web design, programming, coding and development area, through partnership with a professional which have specific experience in programming and web development.

- Promos and Adverts:
Magazine Advertisements, Posters, Flyers, Banners, Visit Cards, and others prints

- Logo & Symbol Design:
New Designs and also Repair, Vectorizing, Re-Design, Revamp or Stylizing, for your actual Logo / Symbol.

From company logos & branding to band logos, emblems, symbols ...

- T-Shirt Artwork/Design

- Stage Backdrops

All Services with Special Prices.

It is important to remember that CadiesArt don't print, and don't deliver printed designs in any way. The brand operates only in graphic design projects digitally.